Friday, May 24, 2024
Gerda’s internal doorsets

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Did you know along with Premises Information Box Systems, Gerda design and manufacture high performance doorsets?

Gerda’s latest entrance doorsets for flats/apartments certified for Security and Firealso meet building regulations for Part L, Part M, CE marked to EN14351-1 for wind resistance, watertightness and air permeability. 

Gerda’s internal doorsets for compartmentation – corridors, stairwell and lobbies – designed for longevity and countering ASB. Q Mark Certified for FIRE. Tested as complete design in independent primary full scale tests for fire, smoke and acoustics for double and single doorsets with fanlights / sidelights. NOW with latest smart technology for maintenance management.


Gerda Contemporary Doorset Range

Gerda Premises Information Box (PIB) Systems

Gerda Safer Homes Range

Gerda FDS Complete Range of Communal Doorsets

Gerda Barrier Gate Lock System

Gerda H System

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