Friday, May 24, 2024

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Quelfire is a leading provider of passive fire protection solutions for buildings, including fire containment systems for pipe, duct and electrical service penetrations, as well as linear joints and cavity barriers. The company has been helping firestopping, mechanical, electrical, façade and other specialist contractors, as well as specifiers and architects working on construction projects for over 40 years. The Quelfire systems have been tested to the latest BS & EN standards, and a range of fire collars, fire sleeves and intumescent wraps also carry CE Mark Certification. Quelfire excels at providing first-class customer service, timely delivery and expert technical advice.


Quelfire – QRS CE Marked Intumescent Fire Sleeves – Product Data Sheet

Quelfire – QSS QuelStop CE Marked Intumescent Acrylic Sealant – Product Data Sheet

Quelfire – QUELCAST QuelCast Cast In Fire Collar – Product Data Sheet

Quelfire – QUELCOIL QuelCoil Continuous Intuwrap – Product Data Sheet

Quelfire – QuelStop Fire Batt – Product Data Sheet